​NOTE: This is enough for for a total of TWO root coverage applications.​​Standard mixing ratio for  Color consists of equal parts of Color to Developer. In this case 1 small packet plus 1 large packet.
Processing times will require 30 minutes or 40 minutes at room temperature.            10 Volume (large packet) =30 Min           

 20 Volume ( large packet) = 40 Min
Creamy consistency allows for precise application for all of your hair color needs.​Type your paragraph here.

1. Part hair down the middle in 4           


2.Apply gloves and mix your custom             color ( 1 small color packet + 1 pack of developer 

1 oz + 1 oz

3. MIX

4. Thinly slicing hair into half inch to

    quarter inch sectioning, apply color to      root area only.

5. Take teasing brush and going back   

    over each section tease colored root 

    area in a downward position.


10 volume = 30 MIN      20 volume= 40 Min

​Your ESSENTIALS you will find in your box....

Ashleigh Lyn Salon

Root coverage Tutorial video

     In this video I will explain the process and steps needed for mixing as well as applying your custom root color. Below you will find a brief breakdown of steps as well . 



Mixing Bowl, Application Brush, Teasing Brush,

2 sets of gloves, Timeline & Client Card , Two small 1oz CUSTOM color packets, 2 large 1oz  packets of  Developer.