Braid less Sew in

                  (approx. 1hr 15min)

This method is by far the most popular with clients.  It is great for adding both fullness and length. Using small micro link beads lined with silicone, it is sure to protect your hair. Once micro link beads are evenly distributed in the hair, then the track of hair is sewn in using a locking technique. If you are not one to have a sensitive scalp this is the way to go. Wash, style as if it was your own hair. Overall easy maintenance.


$80 a row which includes blending. 3- 4 rows typically needed for a full head. Additional rows needed when needing to match up with thick hair or blend a short blunt haircut.

(Hair NOT included in this price)

Maintenance: This is needed about every 6 weeks. This consists of you being in the chair for  about 10-15 minute. Cost of move up is $20 a row. Typically can get 2-3 move ups before needing a removal and new instillation.

                         Tape Ins

                   (approx. 1hr 25min)

This is a great method for those with more of a sensitive scalp. Very light weight and lie flat to the head. This method is good for people whos scalp does NOT produce a lot of natural oils/sweat or that client that LOVES tons of product. This is an adhesive lined track of hair that sandwiches to a fine veil of your hair.


$175 for a full head of instillation. Includes a clarifying wash to remove any product/oil build up as well as blending.

(Hair NOT included in this price)


           Micro Links (Individual Strands)

                    (approx. 1hr+)

This is a method great for the clients looking strictly for length with adding little fullness. Typically good for clients with fine to medium hair. Using a Copper Micro Link bead Lined with silicon I attach a small bundle of hair with about 20 pre tipped strands to a small cluster of your hair fallowed by a clamping technique. This also is an easy way to add highlights without using chemicals.  


$4 a Strand. Typically 50-200+ needed. Everyone is Different.

(Hair NOT Included in this price)

If You are interested in any of the above methods of extensions please contact Ashleigh Lyn Salon for further information.

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